ONE Chance. ONE Life.

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Interest blog of a Russian 22 year old girl. *Beware... this blog contains much Russian pride with a little bit of poetry and some originality on the side. To see my all-original POETRY blog visit @
Улыбки & Enjoy)

Isn’t it crazy how fast a great idea can pass through ones head? One may feel inspired at a moment and with in the next minute the mind is blank and perplexed. But of course it is better to be perplexed which may result in another idea. Right now my mind is perplexed… By the idea of love. No one has really got the answer and no one really knows how to explain it aside from science and poetry. I was just thinking about the days of arranged marriages and how they would work or not work out. It is not a strange concept, but was a tradition ages ago. Now we look at it as an unfamiliar idea. An objection. We question how in the world might such a marriage result in happiness. Well, I have also been reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It is among my favorite books. The 2005 film is also an amazing masterpiece of cinema. However, in Jane Austen’s day women were “pressured” to marry men with great fortunes and high social ranking so that the undesired fate of being an old maid will never become their future. And during that day many women did not marry for love, but rather by obligation. It sound awful, and in many cases i’m sure it was. But Jane Austen wrote about the lucky ones. The romantics. The ones in search of their own happiness. I love that Jane Austen put such a high regard on women who can think for themselves. Is it not why we admire Jane Austen so much? Well of course besides her ability to write with great passion and be such a well composed women with highest quality of writing. She is amazing. She is a woman who knew what she wanted. She knew how to say no. She was a brave one. We admire that about her. Who could not admire such courage? In the 1800’s social ranking and financial wealth were among the first things that a woman must aspire. Then she must become married to achieve goal. And at last if it is permitted she may then fall in love with the husband that is to be her provider. Now days the cycle is different. Women look to be financially stable and successful in their careers and once that is accomplished and youth had almost vanished… Women continue to look for their companion. Someone to settle down with. To find the one true love! However long it may take. And at last comes marriage. It’s a reversed cycle with a different aim for happiness. And I wonder how often are people truly happy after finding love and getting married. The divorce rates these days are among the highest. I wonder if getting rid of arranged marriages was such a bad thing? I know that we as people love freedom, but does freedom really make us free? I once heard this TED talk about a scientific study that was done on a group of students about the freedom of choice. Basically two groups took  two photos. After the photography session was over the photos were printed and the students were asked to choose a photo to keep for themselves and a photo they must give away. One group of students (A) was allowed to pick the photo they wanted to give away and the other group (B) was not allowed, the decision was made for them. In the end, the students who did not have a choice in choosing (B) the photo were more satisfied and happy with the photo they had kept. They grew to love the photo they were made to keep. But the first group of students (A) questioned their decision and were more dissatisfied with their choice. They thought about whether they had chosen the right photo to keep. In this scientific experiment it is shown that having a choice is not absolutely the ticket to freedom. My point is not very centered, but what I am trying to say is that perhaps people can still find what they are looking for without searching everywhere. People can grow to love things. Sometimes the choices people make are not the best and most satisfying. Maybe the world doesn’t revolve around us. Maybe we don’t have to be in control of everything. There is something greater. What can we do with the ideas, the people, and the places given to us? As I often write by my stream of consciousness, I know that my ideas are scattered and miscellaneous, but I hope that some may understand.

July 22, 2014
12:32 am